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I Am A Food Handling Certified Online Bakery Featuring All Natural Gluten And Grain Free Desserts

I Do Not Add Any Refined Sugars, Flours, Artificial Colors, Or Flavors To My Baked Goods

Ensuring That You Always Get Naturally Sweet Gourmet Treats.

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My Baked Goods Are Naturally Sweetened With Agave And My Signature Baking Blend.

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Bread groupWhat is Gluten Free?
Gluten free means a product manufactured without Wheat and Gluten. This also indicates that the product will not contain rye, certain oats, barley or triticale as these also contain gluten. Gluten free also it implies that a product is manufactured in a gluten free environment.

What is Gluten Free For?
Gluten free is for anyone with Celiac Disease or has a physical reaction to eating products containing wheat,rye, barely, and even some oats. These include many commercially processed and refined foods that naturally do not contain gluten like chocolate bars, shredded coconut, cereals, frozen French fries, and hamburgers. 

What Is Celiac Disease?
Celiac is a disease in which the cells of the small bowel (intestine) get damaged due to certain foods, healthy cells are damaged and reduced in number, which leads to all sorts of deficiencies in vitamins, iron, folic acid and calcium. Those with Celiac disease have a great deal of sensitivity to products containing gluten (the natural protein found in wheat, rye, barley, triticale, and some processed oats), which reacts within the small bowel lining, damaging it, and causing digestive problems. This causes the loss of the tiny, finger like projections, called villi, which line the inside of normal bowels. The cells on normal villi are specialized so that they can break down and absorb nutrients in food, but with celiac they cannot absorb them properly.

It is imperative that those with gluten intolerance or celiac disease avoid foods containing these ingredients. I suffer from gluten intolerance so I know the constant question of whether or not to eat something from a facility that is not gluten free friendly. Since baked goods are an essential, but moderate, part of many diets I have come up with signature recipes that are not only gluten free, but free from harmful preservatives, artificial flavors, artificial colors, refined foods, processed foods, and dairy. While we are not vegan only (we use eggs), many of our products can be adapted to fit the vegan lifestyle as well. It is our mission for all to be able to enjoy naturally sweet treats no matter what their diet need. 

What Are You Doing To Ensure The Risk Of Cross Contamination?
While my gluten free desserts are produced in a facility that contains wheat products, great care is taken to ensure that no cross contamination occurs. I only use designated areas to prepare baked goods and use tools, utensils, pans, and an oven just for baking my product. 

sugar-freeWhat Is Naturally Sweet?
I do not use refined sugars or artificial sweeteners of any kind in my desserts because of the health risks involved, my sweeteners of choice are evaporated cane juice, agave nectar, stevia leaf extract, and xylitol. I have created my own signature baking blend of xylitol, stevia leaf extract, and evaporated cane juice for a naturally sweetened alternative to buttercreams and pastries that work best with the bulkiness and texture that regular regular sugar brings. 

Why Evaporated Cane Juice?
While evaporated cane is a sugar made from the sugar cane it is a less processed version and leaves the nutrients from the sugar cane. I will stress that most sweeteners contain glucose, which is what can cause a spike in blood sugar levels, which is why I created my own baking blend that contains less sugar, therefore have less of an affect on blood sugar. 

Why Agave Nectar?
Agave nectar has a similar taste to corn syrup, it is the extracted sap from the blue agave plant. The Glycemic Index (GI) is a measure of how quickly the sugar in a food enters your bloodstream, the higher the GI rating of a food, the greater the blood sugar spike and the worse it is for your health. Unlike glucose, fructose does not raise blood sugar or insulin levels in the short-term. This is why high fructose sweeteners are often marketed as “healthy” or “diabetic friendly.” 

Agave nectar has a very low GI, primarily because almost all of the sugar in it is fructose. It has very little glucose, at least when compared to regular sugar. However, it should be used in moderation because its high fructose content. 

Why Stevia? 
Stevia is a 100% natural, zero calorie sweetener with a number of health benefits that have been confirmed in human studies. 

Stevia is a green, leafy plant that is native to South America. It has been used for medicinal purposes for many centuries. The plant has also been bred for its strong, sweet flavor and used as a sweetener. 

The two major sweet compounds that are isolated from the leaves are called Stevioside and Rebaudioside A. These two compounds are hundreds of times sweeter than sugar. People often confuse stevia with another sweetener called Truvia, but they are not the same. Truvia is a blend of compounds, one of which is extracted from stevia leaves.

Why Xylitol?
Xylitol is a natural no calorie sweetener that adds the sugar bulkiness needed for a crunchy texture.

Xylitol belongs to a class of compounds called sugar alcohols, these molecules are like hybrids of a carbohydrate and an alcohol, but does not contain any ethanol. There are many different sugar alcohols found in natural foods like fruits, but they’re also added to “sugar-free” products of all sorts. 

Xylitol is tasty, and a perfect substitute for sugar, it boosts oral health by stopping the growth of cavity-causing bacteria, it is all natural, low on the glycemic index, and is only 6% of the calories of sugar. It also does not come with the digestive issues caused by consuming artificial sweeteners. Due to its unique chemical structure, our bodies do not break it down, so it goes pretty much unchanged through our system, without causing any of the harmful metabolic effects of excess sugar or the digestive issues associated with other sugar alcohols.

money-questionWhy Are My Prices Higher?
Please understand that my baked goods are made with all natural grain and gluten free ingredients, that includes no refined flours, refined sugars, dairy, artificial flavors, or artificial colors. The cost are naturally higher than traditional baked goods containing those refined flours and sugars, that are pennies per pound compared to all natural. Even traditional organic flours average $1 per pound, but grain free flours range anywhere from $5 to $12 per pound. The costs add up when I am trying to make them so that all can enjoy sweet treats no matter what their dietary need. 

My prices are actually less that most local bakeries, as for grocery stores, gourmet baked goods do not compare and quite frankly are well worth the extra cost. I do everything possible to price my product so both you the consumer can enjoy my naturally sweet gourmet treats at a reasonable price and I am able to make some profit from what I love doing.